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Community For Aspiring Screen Writers And Critics
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Hi and welcome to the LJ community for wannabe movie writers, driectors, producers etc. What makes Movie Writers different to other LJ communities of this type is that, instead of talking about film in general, we want to hear about any projects or ideas you have at the moment. The purpose is to help yourself and other wannabe film-makers to generate ideas and get a better understanding of the industry.

If you're writing or planning a movie idea, let us know! Join and post screenplay snippets here for discussion, review and critique. Share your ideas, hear about those of others. And have fun!

Now, a few rules. Nothing too harsh, just to keep it fun for all:

1) If you're posting screenplay excerpts that have mature content in them, either censor them or put them in an LJ-Cut marked for adult content. Let's keep this a nice, all-ages community.
2) No flames, insults or bashing of the works of others. Ever. Those who do will be banned on the spot.
3) When you join, please post a little info about yourself - who you are, where you live, your interests, fave movies etc. Then feel free to share any ideas you've got!
4) Enjoy yourself!

~Rose xxx